Teri Ann Marting

My Pilates journey began when I started taking classes 9 years ago.  I wanted to get active, gain strength, and I thought it was fun! It wasn’t long when I started to see results. The low impact exercise and extra level of control that the reformer allowed was just what I needed to keep moving.  Pilates not only helped me gain strength and take care of my core following my pregnancy – it helped me gain a new mindfulness to my overall health and self-care. By eating healthier, working out regularly, I gained a whole new confidence. It felt great to hear people ask me what I was doing, and it made me want to share this experience I had with others.

In March of 2018, I decided to start the journey to gain my own Pilates Certification to teach Pilates. I’m excited to continue my practice and to share what I’ve learned to assist others along their wellness journey, too!

A foot in the door is a step toward a healthier you… hope to see you in one of my classes soon!