Nicole O'Brien

Color Splash Ranch is a small farm in a very beautiful, but rural corner of Iowa.  The artist, Nicole P. O’Brien, is living her best life there with her family and farm animal friends.  The scenic corner of northeast Iowa, where she resides, is filled with rolling hills and limestone cliffs where the color, sights, and sounds of four full seasons produce the full spectrum of nature’s color wheel as well as an abundance of wildlife.  Color Splash Ranch derives it’s name from the diversity of animal, plant, sky and atmospheric colors that creates an ever-changing palette of inspiration for her work. 

Each work incorporates elements of the accidental, as the often- unpredictable nature of watercolor sometimes determines for me what the painting will become.  “Although my art encompasses a variety of subjects, the purpose is always to bring the viewer into a story that they add their own ending to.   My work usually incorporates movement, life, and color to best reflect the natural properties of the watercolor medium.  I hope you find that viewing my art draws you into the story and takes you somewhere else.