Julie Vander Meulen

Julie Vander Meulen has a long history of service work in both medical & holistic healing, with people, plants, and animals. She has always been deeply in touch with nature.

Her interest in jewelry began many years ago when her mother collected antique jewelry for over 50 years. Julie has been making jewlery for several years, mostly combining recycled vintage bits & beads, semiprecious stones, and whatever whimsies come her way. Her style is exlectic, bold and funky. Each unique piece, is unique, no two are exactly alike. After working in a sea of scrubs, Julie found long, dangling earrings to be the thing that set her apart. She wants to see people view beauty in themselves through what they wear both clothing and jewelry.

Julie’s mixed media greeting cards are made with recycled paper, fabric, jewelry, natural bits and pieces, wood, and glass, creating something new from something old. (All proceeds of her work are donated to a non-profit that supports the health care needs and nursing care in eSwatini Southern Africa.) Julie creates for the joy of creating.