Bob Griffith

As a native of Elkader, I grew up surrounded by my grandmother’s paintings, in our home where the arts were highly valued. My wife and I are graduates of South Dakota State University where I received my BS Degree in Printing Management.  We were fourth generation publishers of The Clayton County Register, Elkader.

My original photography training was in photo journalism where the shot was to tell the story. I try to shoot images that draw the viewer into and become part of the image. My father was a craftsman printer, a journalist and a woodworker. He taught me to be meticulous in my work. After selling the Register, I worked production and then as a product photographer for Fire Farm Lighting in Elkader. I am now learning woodcarving, creating various types of wooden boxes and carvings. I “let the wood do the talking” and attempt to make the product evolve naturally from the material.  My curiosity occasionally strays into other materials like metals and plastics, all on a whim.